My Journey to go Ampless.... I think I have got it!


So I play at a mid sized church and as always volume is a problem. I run stereo with an Egnater Tweaker and a Budda SD18. I have been keeping my amps behind the stage....but here is the weird thing. The classrooms that are full while we are practicing can hear my amps like they are in the room with them! They say its crazy loud. So even though in the main auditorium everything is good my amps are disturbing other people in the building. So I have been looking for an option. This week I tried many things...not wanting to venture into the line6 or axefx world plus I dont have a ton of cash... So here is what I came up with ... I am running my pedalboard into a Tech 21 Liverpool into a presonus Audiobox into macbook pro with garageband (GB). In GB for the Guitar sounds I am running a GB amp sim called "transparent Preamp" into a GB vox 2x12 cab sim with a royer 121 sim. There are 3 guitar tracks on both files, a bass, a drum, and a ambient loop. I am pretty happy with it.... oh and I know there is a little intonation problem... and the tele has filtertrons and a bigsby.

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