My latest using the BB preamp and Fender Vibro King

Frank Axtell

Here's my latest contribution called "Epiphany". The motif is based in a 5/4 groove.
I used my San Dimas Charvel strat into a Carl Martin compressor/limiter into an Xotic BB preamp onto my Fender Vibro King.


Leucadian sounds great Frank! I like the tone a lot and the melody as have 98 songs recorded!:jo

...the quality of your recordings is always excellent...

Frank Axtell

WOW. Just amazing. Wonderful groove and playing.
Thanks so much for your positive encouragement Jack...actually the vamp for the solo section was inspired by one of your video lessons on modal harmonization " Eric Johnson / Allan Holdsworth Chord Forms" . I purchased your books a awhile back and am very impressed by your wonderful playing and your gifted teaching abilities. If I was in Cleveland I'd be bugging you for lessons!:D Thanks again.


DUDE...this is great!! Simply great. You are a talented composer.

It's taking me back to "The Day" ... back when music was...good? Fifths seem to do that to me. The Mini Moog/distorted guitar lines. It's reminding me of a Stanley Clarke piece from his second album. I'll think of it later.

I had so much fun in the 80's. Worked at the "hip music store" (C.V. Lloydes in Champaign Urbana) and we listened to everything from "In the Dead of Night" to Martinos "Parallel Lines". 'School Days". The list goes on...God, I miss those days.

Yeah I had a skinny tie. And spikey hair. Weighed about 100 lbs.
Played in a fusion band. Started it up after Jeff Beck played the Assembly Hall.

Hell yeah we did "Blue Wind"!!!

"Spain" was always the last song of the night.

Ahhh. To wax nostalgic.

Great compositions create emotions that translate to the listener. And this does. In spades.

You're my hero. AB

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