my Marshall 40 Haze question...


im wondering, would it be worth it to replace the EL34 tubes in it with
KT-88s ? i really dig smashing pumpkins sound. BUT at the same time i like regular distortion and im not sure if i want sp distortion all the time........ so im wondering do you think itll be ok to play other kinds of distortion with it instead of smashing pumpkins?

for example......the distortion i use to create with myself is a dod grunge.... im wondering how the kt-88s would work with that....
other bands i play
nirvana oasis goo goo dolls anything i really want to recreate smashing pumpkins but at the same time have a generic 90's distortion as well.

could i pull that off??? anyone know what kt-88s sound like besides how they are on smashing pumpkins records? better yet anyone have any clips of the tubes on a amp?

ill search for you tube i havent tried it yet........but my question still stands can i get that round sound? and then have the cliche modern rock sound at the same time?


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What you are hearing on those recordings you like are many things related to the sound...The KT88's are just a small part of that equation....The room, Mics, cabinet, EQ at Board...His guitar,,,His playing style..Processing gear...He might of overdubbed the parts a few times with different amps...or reamped it.....the mastered goes on and on........
To answer your question, I would NOT put KT88's in the Haze,,,I own one as well, and the transformers are small...part of it's great singing tone, but I do not think the amp would have enough current draw for those tubes....I would replace the stock tubes with all JJ's...I did this and the amp is much more alive now

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