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My Mcnaughts have arrived!!! PICS!


I just bought the pair from Bob (Brown Sound). I called him originaly hoping to buy Tiger #26 from him but it was gone to Vegas! All is well that ends well. Awesome sound and the playability surprised me. Bob was not blowing smoke when he told me about these two. I was sceptical because I really like my Driskills ( Shameless pic included) but man they are going to give the Driskills some competition. I threw in the Driskill pic for fun. Thanks Bob! Only problem now is I have to start teaching guitar again to pay for them.:D 8 students a week should do it!

Holy SH!T!!!

Nice guitars man, Mcnaughtssssss! With a plural! :D

Tops are unreal, can we have some closeups of the inlay?


Damn! Seems to be a strong case of McNaught fever going around TGP these days. I'm beginning to feel so inadequate with my mere one. Schweeeet!!
Congrats on an awesome collection. McNaughts are my favorite guitars. I gig full time and the only guitars I gig with are a Phoenix and a Double Cut; both are killer. Love the inlay on your Single Cut.


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Congrats on some killer guitars. I too only have 1 McNaught, but it's awesome. Has to have the most comfy neck carve ever....

Congrats again!


Thank you all. I do feel blessed to have what I do right now. Thanks Bob, your pics are way better than what I can do anyway. I cant seem to put the Tiger down. Th Orion is great as well but the Tiger just feels right. It has a bigger sound I guess because there is more mass. Well time to do a little recording for my band.


Well I have had these guys for about 3 days and I cant seem to put them down. I think I will give the Driskills a little break while I get these two in the rotation. Very easy to play and each one offers something different in tone and feel but I like them both. The Orion is easy on the shoulders. My only complaint is I keep losing my place on the Tiger. Ive got to stop gawking at the inlay and just play the thing.:drool

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