my microphone might be broken...any help troubleshooting?


dont laugh but this is a radio shack omnidirectional mic. it works fine for my purposes, which is just recording myself playing and recording my jam sessions as well.

i have a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter that i use to hook it into my macbook. it wont record in garageband. ive also tried it in my mac mini, and it wont register any sound on that computer either.

i do have the mic button to "on" and have checked the 3 pin connector at the bottom of the mic that the cord connects to.....all seems to be ok. ive recorded at least 100 hours on this thing, so its not like i dont know how to set any of this stuff up. im jst not sure if there's something in the mic that is loose and not sure whether i should open it up.....or what. any advice?


If you can, try using a different mic to test to make 100% sure the cables are all working. If that all works fine with the different mic, than there is probably something wrong with your mic

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