My name is Alex and I make pedals



I am not much of a guitar player but I run a small operation to hand make pedals under the moniker "3Why FX". I have produced both my own original designs and highly tweaked interpretations of classics. As my studio is based within an artist commune, I use feedback from a bunch of resident musicians to find and refine the inspiration for each pedal design.

Here is what one of my pedals look like.


I have got overdrives, distortions, fuzzes, delays, boosts, chorus/vibrato, reverbs (yes, almost the entire gauntlet of effects genre). I try to come up with a new idea each month, make a small batch and see how it sits with musicians. The last idea was a reverb with infinite reverb, 100% wet and reverb tails (see demo below).

The 3WhyFX website is at Please do visit it.

I look forward to hearing from this online forum on how we can work together. I love to find out what musicians are looking for and to see if I can make that happen. A challenge as such.

3Why FX

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Welcome to TGP. Be sure to post threads in the manufacturers section about your products.

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