My new board with Musicom looper and TC Nova System!

Since last summer, I started to use my Elmwood-setup a lot more, Using my rack isn't always an option. I was using the board below and it sounded great but I was getting tired of all the tapdancing. I really missed having my presets pre-programmed like I have with my rack. So, time to look at alternatives!


I had a couple must-haves for the new board:

- programmable
- at least 4 pre-gain loops for pedals
- switch functions for the amp
- good sounding post-gain fx that can be switched via midi
- needs to be compact

At first, I was looking at the G-system but I tested this a while ago and felt it wasn't right. Last year, I got to try the Nova System and I did like that a lot so I decided to give that a try and build the board around the Nova. It should work nice in the loop so I needed a looper/switcher for the pedals and amp channels. I ended up buying the Musicom EFX Mk3. That is the heart of the board, I'll be using 4 loops and the switching functions for the Modena60, it also switches the Nova System via midi

The signal path of the board is as follows:

Guitar-> CAE/MXR wah-> Musicom EFX:
Loop1: Empress compressor, ETA next week
Loop2: El Musico Loco Blisterlilly, this can change at anytime
Loop3: Lovepedal Eternity Kanji
Loop4: Red Which Deluxe Moon Phaser
Tuner out: Korg Pitchblack

From the Musico, the signal goes to the interface and via the snake to the amp. The FX loop send goes back to the interface (yellow) and from there to the Nova. Out of the Nova is send to the interface (orange) and to the FX loop return. Blue and Green on the interface are 2 stereo cables for the switching functions. Then there's a EB Jr that controls the volume of the Nova System and thus acts as master of the whole setup. Everything is powered via a PP2, the Nova gets power from the auxiliary output.

So, let's start the build, I'm using all Mogami cable with the exception of the 2 kabels for the switching functions. I use Neutrik and GLS plugs, CTS jacks on the interface etc and 3M Dual lock to put it all on the board.

The wood!! :shock: Been using this board for years, it fits in my pedalboard flightcase. I added a raiser on which the Nova goes.


The interface with the 5 connections.



Interface and snake are ready, both will be color coded so roadies will be able to hook it up :bonk:bonk


And the 1st couple of cables are ready for testing:


Moved all the pedals from the old to the new board, fastened them with 3M and started wiring.


All audio wiring done, using some temp/pre-made power cables as I had some rehearsals and gigs to do with the board. :banana:banana


And here is the finished board, minus the compressor. I tidied up the wiring a bit, it's difficult with so little room but I think it's pretty good this way.








That's HOT! I've always wanted to try the Nova System, seems like it would make for a great compact board.

Third Stone

Looks great, nice job. So I assume that the Nova system sounds fine with running a distortion(or fuzz) pedal into the front end?

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