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Don't hear much about the Brian Moore custom shop axes
around here. I know many don't associate BMG as being a
"small market luthier", but their custom shop still definitely fits
that definition (to me at least).

I think these guys make fantastic guitars. I love the necks on
them. New, they aren't cheap, but you can get one for a good
buck used. The custom shop axes far exceed the iGuitars.
I've owned a couple i8.13s, which were decent axes, but they
don't hold a candle to the custom shop ones.

Anyway, I got a great deal on this [only 3 months old] C90p
on ebay about a month ago and had the guy send it straight
up to BMG for the 13-pin upgrade and an extra mod. It really
looks great and is a nice player. Finally got some pics taken


More pics at:



Glowing Tubes

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I have eyed those many times but have a hard time because they are a bit pricy. Im sure its worth it though. Definately want a 13 pin guitar though.


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Originally posted by Distortion

But I should add, no less in the quality dept. I think these
guitars are terrific, and the custom shop ones are way better
than the iGuitars (I've owned two i8.13's, and while they are
very good bang for the buck and nice guitars, they are not
nearly as nice as the custom shop axes... the i1000 guitars
are garbage).

These guitars are not the axes to buy if you're looking to
slide them under the bed or put them under glass, even
though they are every bit as good as the ones folks do that
with. But if you want a superior quality and nice playing
instrument to actually PLAY, then I can't recommend these
more highly (along with Gadow, who one day soon *may*
be in the collectable dept., so get 'em at a great price
while you can!). Used Brian Moore custom shop axes are
a bargain.



totally agree with distortion

nice amp rack you got there distortion!

I used to live on the other side of TN.

fred dons

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I had an I.9 model I believe, great guitar (soundwise) and looked beautiful but I could not get used to the thin neck and being a neckthrough there was no chance of swapping the neck

how are the necks on the customshop models ?


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The 1 5/8" at the nut "C" shape is the standard, so it is a bit
thin. A standard option is 1 11/16" (no extra charge) or a
"Fatboy" neck with is thicker front to back, also no extra charge.
If you're buying one new, you can basically specify whatever
you want, they are very flexible up there.

I've found for myself that scale length is much more important
to me than neck width. As long as the neck is a 25.5" scale and
a "C" shape rather than a "D", I'm good. My Carvin Holdsworth
HF2 has a pretty fat neck, my '79 strat has a thin one, and
this C90p.13 is in between those. They all feel fine to me.
They're all 25.5".

I have not been able to get used to any 24.75" scaled axe
that I've had. I had a '92 LP standard, a '97 ES135, an early
90's Epi Sheraton... all nice guitars, but I just couldn't bond
with the feel. Sold 'em all.



rjm -

Do you still have the DC-1 you bought from me???

Man, THAT axe is Da' Shizzle!!!

Been looking for a comparable replacement for thqat one and still have not found anything close.



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That's the one, Garrett! Everyone once in a while I consider selling it (because I sell everything - it's in my nature :rolleyes: ). Fortunately, I've come to my senses every time. Love that guitar! I think it's the most toneful model Brian Moore makes - by far - and it's the only 24.75" scale guitar I've ever really bonded with.

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