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My new HBE Germania


Silver Supporting Member
Well, this is my first journey into the germanium/rangemaster clone territory. Just got it today so I am still on the honeymoon.

Here it goes -

So far I love this thing. It sounds perfect through the AC30 on the brink of breakup and makes my neck pick-up on the Les Paul (which has always sounded muddy) breathe a little. I threw it in front of the FDII and think I have found a great combination. I actually play my FDII with the volume comp/cut pulled up instead of my normal down position.

I cannot believe the beautiful tones I get from the Germanium alone. It actually works with the volume on my pickups so I can dial my dirt/grit on the guitar and with my pick.

PLUS - got it for $66 brand new on ebay :) Cannot beat that price. I wish I could record clips for everyone but I think my playing might spoil the pedal.

All other Germanium Booster users -- welcome me to the club.


Congrats. I've had one for a few months now and after initially bonding with it through a Tele, I've had trouble really getting it to do what I want with Strat's, etc. I'm holding on to it though; I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point.
i love treble boosters and have a custom made one, a java boost and an AM Beano Boost on the way.... although i liked the germania, it was a bit harsh with my rig... i liked the HBE Germacide quite a bit...


Senior Member
wow, i really want a germanium treble booster to go with my ac30, buit i don't want to add YET ANOTHER boost/drive pedal to my board... you think having a skreddy screwdriver (on the way) and a subdecay liquid sunshine can fill the void??

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