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I used the HD500X as my primary "amp" over the last few years as I got back into electric guitar. Now I have a Helix and I built a copy of my favorite HD500 patch with it (I'm not going to tweak any more until they release the PC editor and I can keep the Helix on the floor). This is a two-amp patch running an SLO100 crunch channel left and JCM800 on the right. Here are a couple demo songs I have been working on featuring the Helix in the mix of the song. You may notice I don't tend to put the guitar so "up front" in the mix all the time.

I record with the 1/4" outs into an audio interface (user Reaperas a DAW), BUT I also run the XLR outputs into a pair of Tech21 power engines (stacked in my little home office/studio). Standing in front of the speakers like this feels more "organic" to me and provides the ability to generate a little feedback that I believe adds a lot to the tone. This is my favorite "Big" tone patch I have come up with, but I certainly don't consider myself a master of tone or guitar playing.

Song: Unfinished Crosses
The Helix is the main, "Big" guitar chords you hear. The lead tones are still the original ones I recorded with the HD500X. I do, slightly tweak the eq within the mixing process, but not enough to really change the feel of the tone. Guitar is my PRS SC245 with 57/08 pickups (on the bridge).

Song: Shine
This is the same Helix patch, but using my new Jericho Avenger 6 guitar (on the SD JB bridge pickup). This is a 27" scale guitar tuned to C standard (I am not sure which strings are on it, but they are fat). The main "hook" that starts the song is again, the same Helix patch but with the "Mod/Chorus Echo" and "GrayFlanger" activated, played on the SC245 using pinch harmonics. The lead tones are, again, my original stuff on the HD500X.

Bonus points if you can spot the nod to Michael Jackson in here...

Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks,

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