My new holy grail of P-90 TONE!!!!


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Well I went ahead and bought the guitar. 1969 Gibson SG special. I traded my PRS HB Spruce, birds, piezo in tobacco burst +$800. He was asking $2995 for the guitar, and I know it's a little high, so he effectively gave me $2200 for my guitar on trade which is more than I could have sold it for on ebay. I wasn't looking to get rid of the HB but I can always buy another new one later on since I bought that one new in 2004. I think I did ok price wise. The thing is, this guitar just "spoke to me." I don't know what it is about it, but it's the only guitar that I've ever played that gave me chills when I played it. It's super light, it sustains for days, it's incredibly warm sounding and suprisingly quiet. It doesn't hum very much at all. It's 100% original, all the way down to the little plastic tip on the switch. Apparently they fixed that noisy jack problem too when I pointed it out to them the other day because it's not doing it anymore. Here are pics.



wow. beautiful guitar man. i really like the grain of the wood on the back. i bet it sounds as good as it looks. love them p-90s, especially through a vox-ish class a amp.


Originally posted by jbright44
I don't know what it is about it, but it's the only guitar that I've ever played that gave me chills when I played it.
Well, I guess that's "what it is about it!" :D Can't argue with that gut feeling about an instrument.

Congrats; it's a truly beautiful SG. Gorgeous.


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Killer axe, bro! Congrats!

It really brings back memories, as a late 60's one was my first good electric guitar, back in the 7th grade in 1977. That SG took me all the way through high school and college. Man, I wish I still had it.

Enjoy it in good health!:dude


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Cool, reminds me of my first gtr.

Still have my '62 but "butchered" it with new h/w. No regrets.

Love hearing good matches between man and instrument.



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I have this same guitar, it is great for just about anything. Big fat neck, and kick ass p90's, congrats on yours it looks fabulous.

Prices are not going down, if you keep that guitar for a while, you will see that its going to be worth more in a few years. Nothing like old wood.

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