My New Koll: Introducing the Sun Glide!


Recently I took possession of my newest custom Koll guitar! :RoCkIn

The original idea for this guitar sprung from my love of the 70s Gretsch White Falcon with the wire Bigsby. However, the Gretsch isn't quite what I want. For one thing, I'm a little guy, and the White Falcon is thicker than I am! For another, the wire Bigsby White Falcons haven't been available left-handed for years. Also, I'm partial to the 24.6" scale of the Gretsch Duo Jet, not the 25.5" of the White Falcon. Finally, my head is in industrial/experimental music, and I like to program MIDI and play softsynths with guitars as well.

Saul and I discussed what he could do, and what you see is the result. The body is very much inspired by the White Falcon, right down to it's control layout and compliment. The neck and headstock is pure Koll, however, with his classic design and logo. The electronics, emblem, and inlay, however, is unique. All of this combines to give the Sun Glide it's mojo.

Please forgive the quality of the photos!

The Sun Glide, Full Frontal:

The Body close up:

Neck Pickup: TV Jones PowerTron
Bridge Pickup: TV Jones PowerTron Plus
Piezo Bridge: RMC Poly Drive IV piezo/13-pin system installed
Horn knob: piezo/magnetic blend
Upper knob: Master volume
Lower know: 13-pin volume
Lower switch: Kill Switch
Upper bout top switch: 3-way pickup selector
Upper bout lower switch: 3-way master tone switch (middle=true bypass)

BTW, Bigsby has stopped manufacturing left-handed vintage wire vibratos. We got really lucky and Fred Gretsch had one lying around he was willing to part with!

The Headstock:

The tuners are locking grovers with the Gretsch imperial-style tuning buttons.

The Sun Glide emblem:

Koll Guitars is located in the Pacific Northwest, I'm in the Pacific Southwest, and to me the hollow body Gretsch sound, even in metal music, is a very warm, organic sound...and yet here I was excited about playing a warm and bright guitar in very heavy and moody atmospheres—in a sense, bringing the sun to the darkness. The whole vibe reminded me of the Pacific Northwest Native people's myth of the Raven stealing the sun. This emblem is a stylized depiction of Native art revolving around that story. That is also where the name "Sun Glide" came from.

Fingerboard Inlay:

The fingerboard inlay is a wonderful synthesis of the Gretsch "neo classical" fingernail style of inlay, and Koll's beautiful art-decco inlay.

Output Jacks:

I realize that output jacks are far from the most exciting elements of a guitar, but this picture shows the best view of the gorgeous gold binding. When a mono guitar cable is inserted into the output jack the magnetic and piezo signal can be blended, but when a stereo cable is used, the piezo and magnetic signal can be split. The 13-pin cable can transmit the magnetic, piezo, and hexaphonic (MIDI-ready) signal down one cable.

I am of course still in the honeymoon phase, but so far the guitar is everything I'd hoped. It looks and feels spectacular. It has a warm but bright sound thanks to being (mostly) hollow and solid maple. The pickups are quite high output, but still bright and defined. The piezo gives it even more flexibility, helping it achieve a "jangly" electric tone not usually associated with humbucker or filtertron equipped guitars. It sounds gorgeous and full playing clean or mostly clean guitar lines, and can sound heavier than iron when playing through a gainy amp. Obviously, with any hollow body feedback can be an issue, but this baby is very controllable—and in these days of amp sims and modelers, playing heavy sounds without feeding back is easier than ever.

This has been quite a long post, but I'm quite taken with this gorgeous instrument. I cannot thank Saul enough for his creativity, skill, patience with my odd requests, and execution of the Sun Glide. Every Koll Guitar is a masterpiece!



Yea, other than the fact that its backwards I love it. A bigsby and midi, thats cool. Gotta tip the hat there, sweet guitar.


david torn / splattercell
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whoa, orren!

dt / spltrcl


Gold Supporting Member
Every time a new Koll is posted I am amazed. Another killer piece by Saul. He does such a great job of blending the vintage and modern. And, he seems to never be afraid to try something different.

Awesome looking ax you got there, I bet it plays and sounds awesome too.


Oh Man, beautiful!
Saul hits another one out of the park!
It's almost criminal how much talent that guy has.;)



lefty dude on hiatus
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WOW Orren, that if fantastic !!!...and lefty too ! Excellent !

Congrats ! I have always wanted one of Saul's lefty guitars.

It reminds me of my lefty Gretsch 6118 Annie (shown) ... I have no doubt that your Koll is a cut above though.

Awesome :AOK



What an outstanding guitar - not suprsing from Saul. Killer retro look with modern features. I'm sure that it plays even better than it looks (and that says a lot).

Enjoy that beauty in the best of health!



C'est magnifique! Well done!

It's interesting that Saul attracts a lot of "experimental" guitarists (myself included). I wonder what the common denominator is. We're all attracted to the mid-20th century-style silhouettes of his guitars? He's willing to install a variety of electronics?

Just an observation. Again, congrats on the guitar. I'm just continually stunned by Saul's work.

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