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My other guitar player ran over his guitars...Twice!!


After a gig with one of my bands Saturday night the other guitar player went to the singers house to transfer his gear from the band van to his minivan. He set his two guitars down behind his vehicle so he could load the heavier items in first. Well he got distracted and got in a conversation with the singer's wife and then just hopped in his van and backed over the guitars.

The singer, seeing this happening, started waving his arms to try and stop him. He then put the car in forward to go back to see what the singer wanted and ran over them AGAIN.

His guitars were a Strat and a Tele in gig bags...YIKES!!

The guitars were fine. The tele suffered a small scratch.

Leo Fender knew what he was doing. I think any fender-style guitar including my G&Ls must be indestructable.

I saw this vid of SRV beating the snot out of his strat on another thread this morning as if I needed further proof of the strength of a fender style guitar.



I saw Duarte once at an outdoor gig. As part of a local dealership promo the band arrived in a nice car that pulled right up to the stage. When Chris was getting out of the car his vintage strat came off the strap, bounced off the paved pathway, was partially kicked/miss grabbed, and skidded off the path into the grass. There was an audible gasp from the crowd and Chris was a little shaken and embarassed for a second or two. He quickly got on stage and did a quick retune by ear, said something about it being a testiment to Leo Fender's build quality, and launched into his typical rippin' show. :dude


World Crass Guitarist
Gold Supporting Member
damn ,,,, what kind of gig bag was it ?
I need a dozen of them !!!


The droid you're looking for
That's why we play Fenders.

Last year, I knocked my Tele offstage onto a tile-over-concrete floor. Landed on its neck and broke the nut. If it'd been a Gibson, the headstock would have snapped.


Silver Supporting Member
When I was much younger and even more stupid than I am today, I once kicked a ’62 Strat across a studio floor out of sheer frustration. It survived just fine, and I still play it...gently.

Weirdly, this event was caught on video for posterity...

In my defense, at the time it was just an old guitar, not a treasured collectible, But that it survived to become an heirloom piece is testament to the durability of Leo's design.

Still, I think your friend got off lightly!


If everybody out there with a beltsander knew this , the world would be a better place . :D


My friend was telling me about leaving his 62 P-Bass on top of his car once on the way to a gig. He said he looked out of his rear view mirror in horror to see it flipping down the road!!!! He said he stopped, got out of the car and although it had some scratches and so forth, was it still in tune!!!!


I read an interview with Vito Bratta years ago, and he said he had a strat that got run over, and it played better afterwards :)


Silver Supporting Member
Every ding on my first guitar, a Korean strat copy, has a story like that. I played that guitar every day from 1990 to 2002. It's barely got any frets left. It's bounced off the pavement. It's been hurled at a brick wall, etc. It looks like a heavy relic but it's all real.

I've got far better guitars now that I take good care of, but that guitar will always be my cherished first.


Wondering what the singer's wife looks like??? Must be a hottie to make him go dumb on his guitars . . .


once i was loading the trunk after a rehearsal and got distracted talking.
left my marshall combo at the bumper, started the car, backed up.
luckily the amp just slid on its feet. whew!!!
wore down the rubber feet a few cm.


I dropped my main strat from playing level straight down, cracked the finish but I picked it up and it wasn't out of tune or anything. lol
Straplock screw pulled out of my strat during a springsteen guitar spin. Guitar flew 10 feet backwards and bounced off the bass players SWR amp. Fretboard popped clean off! Some glue, overnight clamping job, and it was fine.
Good old Leo!


Silver Supporting Member
Leo made durable amps, too. I have a 60's twin reverb that I was taking out of a bandmates' truck after a gig and I left it on the edge while I got some other things first. The Twin has wheels and it rolled off the edge and fell headfirst, about 3 1/2 feet, onto the concrete...in the pouring rain! I was pretty horrified, but after it dried out, I plugged it in and it worked just fine. Only one little knick in the tolex thanks to the amp cover (I always use them).

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