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Hi Folks;

This is my first post here so I thought to share my pedal board with you.



In a nutshell I have two routing paths using to the EFX MkII. The first signal path goes in front of my mesa amp. The second path goes in the effects loop. The first path is as follows;

First path
- Guitar signal wired to the EB volume> clyde deluxe wah > Pitch Black tuner > Roger Mayer > EFX MkII in (loop 1 - HBE Psilocybe, loop 2 - BB pre, loop 3 - Rat, loop 4 - Destination) > out to amp's in.

Second path - Amp's send to EFF MkII (loop 5 - GD Chorus, loop 6 - Maxon Flanger, loop 7 - TC vintage delay, loop 8 - CAE boost) > amp's return.

Cool feature about the EFXMKII - when I unplug the patch cord going to the input of the second group of loops (5-8) the EFX bridges all 8 loops so there is a drect signal path between the fisrt group (1-4) and (5-8). Therefore I can use all my pedals in front of any clean amp. That is the reason I have a rat as the main distortion when I'm nit using the amps preamp.

Beneath the board
- I have the PSU (Fuel tank - I opted for this particular model due the the two 12v ac & dc outlets). I also added a boss PSA to minimize hum on some units and an additional ac outlet for future use. Then a Ebtech hum eliminator to break the GND loop the mesa's efx loop creates when using two paths. And last is the Axess cfx-4 to control via midi the mesa's channel switching. With this unit I control either the MkIV (special cable), lonestar, MkIIb, subway rocket, T-O-V, etc.

It took me some time to figure out the best possible array of the dc power in order to minimize hum. Everything is wired with George L's (I wish lava's were available by the time I built it) and all is attached to the hard surface using 3M dual lock.

I hope you enjoy, Cheers.

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