My pedals are now banned.

yes...if I cant get a good tone I loose motivation...I havent been able to play loud so i was farting around with my rig a LOt...its frustrating...

Usually I get fed up and force myself to use a small pedalboard (instead of the 2 pedaltrain pros ) so i get it all on a small board and as time goes I miss the variety and start adding pedals...soon im up to one pt pro and a wah...then a pt pro and a pt jr...then finally back to two pro's...LOL

I usually play the best when I plug directly into my microcube or classic 30,,,
I cant plug directly into my DRRI as it sounds like crap without pedals


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I just got a new Skreddy Pig Mine yesterday, and its arrival caused an emergency meeting of all my pedals, who made a unanimous decision: it is I who is now banned, for the crime of unworthiness.


I enjoy the process of dialing in different tones and effects are part of that. In the end, the creativity is an interaction between me and my gear. Most of it is me but some of it is inspired by the gear taking me somewhere I hadn't planned but suddenly like very much. How many cool riffs or tones were just people noodling and then going- hey, I like that! and building from there?


Etched on the PCB of the Blackstone is "stop obsessing, play guitar".

Nice reminder.



I find having an amp with a great built in distortion channel is the best way to go.
I can adjust the amount of drive and the volume and then use the clean channel for rhythm work and dirty that up a bit if need be with a tubescreamer clone.
What I do use is the effects loop with reverb, delay, chorus, etc.

I didn't use the reverb much when playing at gigs but at home I enjoy it.

amp boy

if you have wire up the pedals each time you sit down to stand up and'll find you think about what you want to achieve at that time, and go in with that.
rather than everything being there.

if start with your guitar and may not even need to get to a pedal setup.

i find myself matching together 4 pedals usually, and that is just for variation and fun.
Only two of them are actually on at the same time for the most part.

having a load of pedals is like a load of films on the often can you incorporate them.


I hear you, OP. There's a time to tweak and a time to practice. When I just want to practice (scales, arpeggios, phrasing, vibrato, etc.), I plug straight into my amp - no tweaking temptations! With so many pedals around, it's way too easy to get sidetracked. And, as we all know, it's not the pedals that make the player.

Discipline, Daniel-san, discipline. :rockin


Thanks for the responses everyone. There were some good suggestions here. :thu:

Today I realized it's a bigger problem than just the pedals. I'm going through a rough time in life lately, and when that happens, my guitar playing usually suffers. I played today with only one dirt pedal, then straight into the amp, and I still couldn't play well. No focus or enthusiasm, and my fingers couldn't move.

I'm going to take a break from guitar for a week or so, I burnt myself out and I'm just no longer in the mood to play at all. I think a break would help, then when I get back to it I'll try learning some new songs and techniques.

Thanks again.


I think it's good to know your gear. As long as your learning from the experience. It took me along time to get my pedal board together. A along time to figure out what order I wanted the pedals in. Quite awhile to get the pedals settings, I wanted. The nice thing is now I know my gear so much better. I occasionally tweak a pedal every now and then, but pretty much have it how I want it.

On the other hand, some people are just knob tweakers, which is OK also. But it's good to know when a painting is done, if you know what I mean.

And maybe you just don't have the right pedals. I have found with some of my nicer pedals, the process of finding a good tone was quite quick. Mind you, some pedals I still mess with, like my Keeley 4 knob compressor.

I have definitely felt frustrated, when I was setting up my sounds, but now I find my pedalboard inspiring.

Good luck with your search. I hope you find what your looking for.


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Yes, I look at your rig and think to myself, "Damn that's limited!":D

A few months ago, I had my rig setup a my guitar shop and some dude walks in and says, "I prefer guitar straight to amp"-- to which I responded I like doing that too. He appeared to be confused, until I stepped on one of my volume pedals (eliminating the wet portion of the rig), and had him listening to a head straight to a cabinet. He then got a bit snitty and said, "So you need all that stuff to get good tone" while smirking a bit. I laughed and said, No, I need this stuff to get the tone this stuff gets, and to have the ability to control all the gear which provides such a wide variety of tones.
I'm going to take a break from guitar for a week or so, I burnt myself out and I'm just no longer in the mood to play at all. I think a break would help, then when I get back to it I'll try learning some new songs and techniques.

Thanks again.
ya man, take a break and listen to some different music than you usually do.

Have you heard Bela Flecks Tales from the Acoustic Planet Vol. 2

go to listen to that stuff. It will fix you right up.


Sometimes I do get distracted by the board. A lot of times I'll do exactly what you're saying. I'll just use the drive from the amp and maybe a wah and/or a treble booster. I hate fiddling with knobs and tend to gravitate towards pedals that don't require a lot of tweaking but even still.

Another trick that I"ll use sometimes is either switching to acoustic for a while or using my little Micro Cube with no pedals at all.


If I didn't constantly have new pedals/gear to mess with then I would have to spend more time playing... which in turn would make myself painfully aware of how bad I suck. :)
same here if i didnt have a muff, or good amp or cool type of fuzz /diortion or some toy, id be ****ed.......... i know i said amp but, pedals would **** me over too......i have a jcm 800 combo its the only amp i have and without a pedal you can't really get a good distortion fuzz flavor...........


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