My personal new guitar. Vintage reissue. Review.

Yamaha 350

Ok so I found me a guitar. Vintage reissue Silvertone made by Samick. When you look online for info you find at fourms and Facebok clubs that a few people own one, Played one, ask about one, own but changed some things about it, or just got one. Now I can really say I own one. Yamaha 350. Me. :)

First of all I never thought I would own one. Why? Samick dose not sell new guitars in my home town new. You find them used. And I have never found a Silvertone reissue for sale localy. I always dreamed of the 2 orginals. A Jupiter. The Silvertone Sears verson with silver foil Darmond pickups. And the other one sold at other places with the gold knobs. And gold foils. But I'm not paying 1000 dollars. The orginal was Sears version of a pro model guitar. Made decent. Not great but good enough. About 900 in todays money.o_O

A group of people bought the name. And reissued the Jupiter, Offset guitar, and 3 Danelectro style guitar. All made of mahogany. Got Samick to reissue them and sell others with the Silvertone name. Like the 335 semi hollow style, bass, LP style Stratocaster style etc.. Then they went away. No one wanted any guitar with the Silvertone name on the head stock.:rolleyes::oops: Just like Harmony reissues went away twice I think?o_O

Now I found one in near mint condition with the plastic on the pickups and Silvertone gig bag. A Jupitar reissue. Now I am not married. And I did not have to order it. Family will fuss. Did you get a new guitar. Yes. Did you order? I will not tell you that. You will get cheated etc.. Not going there.:confused::rolleyes:

It is so nice. So here is my review of it. I said I got it on a Facebook club. And the people told me a few things. Some one said why? I remember that they were junk. He was talking about the orginal. Some one else said wall hanger. Some one else said I heard they were not good. They hated or did not want a original. And can't stand the reissue.:rolleyes:o_O

First of all it has a mahogany body. And mahogany neck. Gibson players in particular will feel very much at home with it, particularly given the 1 11/16" wide nut and 24.75" scale length.Truss Rod Dual Action. Neck Shape ‘C', Finger board Rosewood, # Of Frets 20, Nickel Silver Inlays Pearl Block Binding White Nut Material PPS. Hardware Tuners Sealed, Finish Chrome Bridge, Tune-O-Matic, Tailpiece Die-cast Trapeze. Nickle I think? Demensions is Overall Length 990mm 39”Scale Length 628 mm 24-3/4”Nut Width 43 mm 1-11/16”12th Fret Width 48 mm 1-7/8”Fb Radius 320 mm 12-1/2”Weight3.2 kg 7 lbs.

A single-cutaway mahogany body with a sharp-looking sparkle finish and white binding. Telecaster shape with a small horn like a LP off brand shape. It is a super thin body. The thinest guitar I now own. Korean made.

This version is a mahogany solid body with a four-screw, bolt-on neck, where the original was a semi-hollow with a three-screw neck. The original included a rosewood archtop-style bridge, but the new version has a Tune-o-matic-style bridge (with a retainer wire) that provides better adjustability and intonation. I want a roller bridge. I decided a long time ago I like those better.;)

It is a sparkle body like a G&L finnish. A white, foxtail-shaped pickguard is home to five black knobs and a chicken-head selector switch. The rosewood fretboard is dressed with classy block inlays. Silvertone script logo adorns the headstock. Polly on the neck and body. Not a thick coat but a thin coat.

It feels nice. The neck and body. For the first time ever I can really say this. For a new 500 or over guitar street price it feels expensive. I have never had a 500 dollar guitar feel expensive. It weighs more than you think it would. It is the nicest mahogany wood. Samick is one of my favorite factories. And been around since the 1960's.:)

Now I can not say my other guitars are the nicest I have ever owned or played. Some is basswood. Some is junk. Some like my Italia is cool but heavy. And a fiberglass finnish. I might hate the neck profile, body, electronics, etc.. on some of my guitars. But besides a roller bridge I would not change a thing. It feels expensive. And most 500 or less guitars dose not feel that way. But some how this one does? Why it was not wanted is silly to me. It is so nice. Thin but heavy.

But this used almost mint guitar is perfect to me. The best neck I have ever owned.:) My birth defect in my fret hand makes me play different than you. I hate wide chuncky necks. This neck is skinny and a flat radius. So comfortable. Not sticky like some guitar necks, nitro necks etc.. You can slide up and down. And shred. It feels so good it may never hurt my hand? Time will tell.:rolleyes:

The trapeze tailpeice is nice and quality. Machine heads are vintage Kluson Traditional I think? Or clones so close I cannot tell? It has been cleaned up and has new strings on it. PollyWebs Elixirs.

Mine was a limited edition. Because right befor they went under they had the Darmond family Carl recreat the silver foils. I read ony 20 was put out with those pickups? Most had Duncan-designed humbuckers that bear a closer resemblance to Gretsch Filter’Trons than the DeArmonds.

An unusual middle position labeled “Blender” that engages both pickups and a passive circuit that rolls off highs and boosts mids, the frequency of which is varied by the blender pot. The effect is similar to a wah pedal, and the position of the control facilitates pinky-finger manipulation. And a almost Rickenbacker-like blend knob that rolls off the highs and boosts the mids.

I never dreamed I would find one localy. Cost a little over 400 dollars. Used and must have been new old stock. Plastic on the pickups and gig bage like I said before. The gig bag is nice. But not a nice as a expensive bag. But really nice. Now I will show pictures but they are example pictures from a web site I found online. Sorry I do not have a great camera. Limited funds and i'm dissabled and a guitar junky. I like to own every guitar I see. And you know gear cost money. :D:p

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Thank you. You might like one. It is made 100 times better than a orginal. Was not wanted and cheap used. You could play some 50's and 60's rock.
I've been keeping my eye open for one of their quirky hollowbodies.

I have all the RnR machines I need, but I need an archtop/hollowbody.

Enjoy yours.

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It looks like a fun guitar to play - your first set of pictures have Duncans and one with what looks like the Originals. Do you have both?

Yamaha 350

It looks like a fun guitar to play - your first set of pictures have Duncans and one with what looks like the Originals. Do you have both?
No I have the Darmonds. Limited edition guitars that had a few in them. The orginials look alike are real Darmonds recreated by the family.