My Rack Setup is finished w/picture!


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Plug into Lexicon g2 send goes into Samsamp psa-1, then into Atomic Amplifire, Lexicon in fx loop, then Amplifire into recorder-studio monitors or headphones or directly to studio monitors.
With Samsamp in bypass I use the Atomic Amplifire.
With Samsamp presets on I have Amplifire presents with amp sim and eq’s off but use the Samsamp with the Amplifire’s power and cab sims.
Lexicon compressor drives front of both preamps.
Expression pedal controls Lexicon’s post mix (wet/dry).
Boss fs-5u’s switch Lexicon’s presets.
Boss fc-50 controls Samsamp presets. Can also control the Amplifire.
Both preamps sound great, it’s a tie.
Post eq’ing recorded tracks on the recorder.
Playing a bunch of strats with noiseless single coils.
Now I just need a rack case and rack power strip.

Thanks y’all for all the advice, I appreciate it.


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That is the sexiest rack since...who was the guy from Hawaii that had the monster rack with three 4x12s in W/D/W - Gluke was it?

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