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My recently acquired Benford.......


Thanks! The guitar looks great, plays great and better yet it has awesome tone flexibilty. I am looking forward to this Friday when I will be able to give it a good workout. Steve exceeded my expectations in build quality. Fortunately for me I was able to pick it up and meet Steve and walk through his shop. Good guy and he build exactly what I wanted. :RoCkIn
Awesome. I'm glad you like yours! Steve is a great guy, and really cool to work with. He gave me a walk-through of his shop, also, it was a lot of fun.


Steve knows what he is doing - great guitars, and incredible values for what you get. Condiering what you get from Benford, it is hard to me to justify buying a high end production line guitar.


Hey msmlg, your guitar is the one right above mine on the special orders page! Can you explain to me what the ON for the bridge does? I've got it on mine, but I haven't been playing guitar long enough to hear the tonal difference. That is an awesome guitar!

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