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Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by SideBMusic, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Oct 28, 2008
    A few weeks many of you helped me sort out the choices for a new microphone. I decided upon the Audio Technica AT4047. My apologies for not posting my review sooner, I have had a very bad cough; imagine my frustration of not being able to test out my new mic when it arrived.

    The first thing I noticed about this mic is how even the frequency response is. The settings I use for my other mics to compensate for things such as over-brightness simply are not needed. For my vocals I do use a little reduction in high-shelf (to remove some edge) and low-shelf and a slight boost at 275Hz (to add little warmth). A slight amount of compression is used as well to help even out the volume variance.

    On acoustic guitar the lack of over-brightness is also welcomed. With my other mics I could never find a way to compensate the recorded sound enough to my liking. I haven't found the specific settings I want to use but I expect it to be minimal much the same as I discovered for my vocals.

    The positive comments from other forum participants and from the reviews I found around the Internet were accurate to how this mic performs. It is remarkably uncolored and flat. It does not need as much gain/trim as my other mics. Some described this mic as having a somewhat warm quality, a much loved and hated term; nevertheless, whatever you take that term to mean, it does have a little of the quality you may find from tube mics and amps. But if you are looking for a prominent warm sound the AT4047 is not going to provide it all by itself.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions and advice. I am very happy with my new microphone you helped me find.
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    this is the live ac/dc guitar mic btw@!

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