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    Just installed my new Weber legacy 12f speakers

    Brace yourselves, this is a bit long winded

    Specs are:
    8ohm (x2 wired in series to get 16ohm)
    30oz magnets
    30 watts totaling 60 watts
    Prerola doping (standard)
    British dustcap
    Factory break in

    Guitar: my trusty Les Paul standard koa loaded with Rewind low output PAF wired to 50s spec with mojo tone vitamin T caps
    Amps: 1973 silver face pro reverb and a mesa series II solo 50
    Cab: Mesa recto 2x12 with the back left off as I recently learned I prefer open back to closed back

    Initial impressions:
    First, the Mesa.
    I was thoroughly shocked how much bass was retained with the back off. Cleans are full bodied and detailed. I feel like I now understand the phrase "sweetness to the high end". The best way I can describe the highs is rolled off yet clear and articulate. Switch to the lead channel set to vintage with the gain at noon. I like it a lot more than the stock vintage 30s. The ultra fizzy nature of the solo 50 is much more tame. There's still some fizz but it's like it's in the background as opposed to vintage 30s where it seems as though that is all I can hear. Mind you, I bought this cab new in 2009 and logged plenty of live volume hours on them so it's not like they weren't broken in. Across the tonal spectrum, everything is very balanced, which surprises me given my last experience with greenbacks was they were quite prominent in the mid range (Marshall 1960tv, man I wish I still had that bad biddy). Granted, Celestion greenbacks and weber's version of greenbacks will (of course) vary

    Next up the fender, my gigging amp
    Now this is an older one so there isn't a knob to control the mids, it's all treble/bass tweeking. Initial thought was "wtf?". The soundscape was VERY full. I had to run the bass around 2.5 on the dial (treble around 5.5 or 6 per usual). Scratching my head I plugged back into the stock speakers, fired it up. Stock speakers seem like they're all mids (granted they're over 40 years old) bass required being brought up to 4ish on the dial to make it sound (to me) normal.

    Now, it needs to be mentioned that my Mesa was tested in my living room and my fender (with all the pedals and all the fun) was is my "guitar room" which is very very small and the cab was angled into a corner (not angled back, angled relative to the corner of the room). So, since the room and placement in the room plays a role, I'm going to chalk up the bassy nature of these speakers to the room size/corner/open back.

    Most importantly over all, this testing was all done alone, how everything sits in a band mix is yet to be determined.

    Fwew! Well that went on a lot longer than intended!

    Oh and one more thing, I stack dirts to get my lead tones. With the stock fender Utahs I have issues with feedback and not the super fun Hendrix kind of feedback. The Webers help A LOT in that department. Like, it takes actual effort to get my stacks to feedback...

    My 2¢ fwiw
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