My solo album released n iTunes

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    Dec 29, 2005
    Here's a link in case you want to preview the music while you read:

    Most know me as a guitar player, but I took some time while I was living in LA to make a solo record. I was truly blessed to work with some amazing people on this project.

    Mark Needham did the main recording and all mixing. Will Brierre assisted.

    Ronan Chris Murphy patiently tracked all the guitars with me and generally kept me from being to much of a perfectionist.

    Frank Rosato tracked all the lead vocals, he really pushed me in a role I was not very comfortable with.

    Steve Hall at Future Disk did an amazing job Mastering

    Then there's the amazing players!

    I had to have my brother Ken Tondre fly out to Cali to play the drums on the session, nobody else would do for what I wanted!

    Thankfully my old buddy Ben White was there play bass. I think he still needs an SVT…

    My good friends Lonnie Trevino Jr. and Lang Freeman sang background on "Nowhere" and "September's Gone" respectfully.

    Thanks for reading!

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