My solution to the Vintage Rat Vs LED mod with NO drilling! Try it out! :)


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Picked up a Whiteface Rat reissue recently, and I gotta say its up there as one of the best medium to high gainers these ears have heard. But for someone who gigs and rehearses at least 2 or 3 times a week, and loves to stack drive pedals, the absence of an indicator LED is something I couldn't really live with.

So, this got me thinking. Got WF. Want LED. Don't wanna drill into the enclosure. And may want to reverse the mod if I have to. (Not that this pedal is leaving my board!)

I decided to make use of the 1mm or so of fresh air that exists between the U shapes of the either half of the ProCo enclosure. The idea was to have a pair of SuperBright white light 5mm LED's sitting inside the enclosure to avoid drilling a LED hole, and if I was lucky, to have them sitting on either side of the ProCo logo like a bookend effect.

To add an LED to this pedal (and 99% of other pedals) the DPDT switch needs to be replaced with a 3PDT switch, to allow truebypass, the active pedal circuit and an indicator LED.

*** The 3PDT needs to be turned sideways, so the lugs run North/South, not the conventional East/West orientation)***

The DPDT is directly translatable to a 3PDT. Simply move the top row of the connections to the new switch, and the same for the bottom row. This leaves the middle row free for the LED. The anodes (positive legs) of both LEDs go the 9v jack (whack a resistor between the jack and the anodes so the poor little guys don't fry) and then to the far left lug on the middle row of the switch. For the LED circuit to find ground when the switch is stomped, run a wire from the middle lug of the switch to the top right/green wire switch connection. The far right middle lug is left empty.

Stock guts:

New guts. Messier than I'd usually do, but for my own pedal I'm fine with this:

Voila! Flipped on it's back with a battery to check all is good:

Nestled in between my Maxon OD9 and Soulsonic Fourbanger:

And here is a gratuitous board shot, which I will be rocking tonight at a show..!



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There's an imprinted message?
'Don't mod your Rat'? :)
I don't know mate, I'll have a look!


You could probably add a strip of plastic so it sort of diffuses the light and makes it less directional. Good idea though!

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Thanks for taking the time to post this. My buddy asked me to do the exact same thing to his vintage Rat (only I drilled a hole for the LED). I was able to do all the wiring just based on your "after" image. Rad!


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Looks rad, man! On the next one make you could illuminate a band of polycarb along the seam for a TRON look!


Very late to this thread, I know, but I really need to know - it looks like (can't see clearly so I'm not sure) the 560 ohm resistor before the 4u7 cap in the feedback loop that controls gain is missing. Did you remove it a-la reverse Ruetz Rat mod? Or did it ship this way?

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