My son ran into Rev. Billy G. last night!!!


My son and his girlfriend went to San Antonio yesterday to do some shopping and go eat at a couple of places.

Last night they ran into Billy at the Mi Tierra at the Market Square.

My son noticed him as they were both leaving the restaurant.

My son talked to him a bit about not being able to tour and a bit about guitars, which he was more than happy to talk about.

Since Billy is such a tall man, my son asked if he'd take a few pics with his phone.

I guess he dresses the same when he's going out on the town or on stage.


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I ran into Billy a couple times back in Houston, pretty cool dude. He sure likes Mexican food and pretty ladies... And that funny dreaded beanie hat

Once a friend of mine was so drunk and came outside the club we were hanging at to tell me some drunk idiot at the bar is so full of it by saying he played with ZZ Top... well I step back in and turns out it was Billy and my young drunk friend had no idea who he was actually talking to.


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We ran into him one early Sunday morning at the D/FW airport about 12 years ago and I thought he was actually kind of short. I'm 6' and he was shorter than me be more than just a few inches.....No matter, he was super nice to us and let me take a picture of him with my son and a gave him a pick. My son was over the was his dad....LOL!


Miroslav L

I guess he dresses the same when he's going out on the town or on stage.
The hats hide the bald spots and gray, and the sunglasses hide the eye bags.
When you're a big star, you have to maintain the same look no matter how old you get.

AFA the no masks...I love how some people here are freaking out... :facepalm're not going to get the virus standing next to someone for 10 seconds outside.

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