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My Stuff (Covers of Guitar Solos) Megadeth mostly ;)


Hey guys! Im a huge Megadeth Classic Lineup fan, and Marty Friedman has been a huge influence on my playing.

I use my HP webcam to record both the audio and video as I dont have any DAW any fancy things (Im actually a little technologically challenged/phobic) didnt own a smartphone till about a year too.

Most of the clips have been played via processors like the Korg AK3000G into a Laney Solid State 30W (HCM30R) home practice amp. Some with just a Boss Metal Zone into the Laney. (I will mention all details on every video I link)

The latest (Under a Glass Moon Solo) is me using my new single unit pedalboard played infront of the Laney amp and I got the Webcam Placement just about right to be able to cleanly get both the booming low end minus one backing track and the guitars from the decently mixed.

You might need to push up the sound on your speakers to hear the other ones clearly...

All videos are me playing over minus one tracks (solos removed - only bass, drums and rhythm guitars if any)

Also I upload all these in my Facebook page so these are all Public Facebook Video links

Thanks for checking them out.


First one is the latest.

John Petrucci's legendary solo from the song 'Under a Glass Moon'. Not really a big fan of DT, only like Images and Words from their catalogue. But my friends and bandmates are. Recently seeing Tom Quale's interpretation and seeing one of my bandmates trying to learn it, I thought Ill have a go. I learnt the solo from watching Tom Quale's video so its kind of influenced by him. My playing style specially my picking is not anywhere close to what it should be to play it following Petrucci's
dynamics strictly

Gear/FX used:

Ibanez SZ 520FM TKS - Wampler Ego Compressor - Wampler Clarksdale Delta OD (higher gain settings) -Wampler Triple Wreck (low gain settings) - TC Electronics Flashback (LoFi Delay setting and slight delay) - TC Electronics HoF (plate reverb) - Laney HCM30R Amp