My Supro/Valco/Tweed/Silvertone-in-a-box Solution


I know this has been gone over, just wanted to share my experience. I bought a Voodoo Lab Super Fuzz that I thought I wanted for all out thick crazy fuzz tones. I had also been searching for a Supro/Silvertone-sounding pedal and had thought about the Greer Ghetto Stomp (tried the Pedalmonsters White Lightning, didn't like it) and others.

I was about to ditch the Super Fuzz since I didn't really love the fuzz sound (imagine that), but before boxing it up to bring it back to GC, I turned the volume to max, the gain to just about minimum and cut out the mids...voila! Instant old Silvertone amp tone, a little fuzzy around the edges, a little farty on the low end, just like an old little amp cranked up. In fact, it sounded almost identical to a 1471 I had a while back. Especially on the neck pickup, it's instant garage rock.

So yeah, I'm sure you can get that tone with a lot of fuzz pedals. Just goes to show, sometimes if you fiddle with a pedal long enough, you'll find something usable even if it wasn't what you were expecting.

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