My two loves: pups thread


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I own a 1991 Ultra Strat that for some reason sounds quite big, to the point that everywhere i go, people asks if i am selling it! :D

Mind you , it is not the guitar player, i am nothing. It is the guitar itself.

I have been looking for some neck and middle pups for a couple of years and stopped looking when i got a set of Klein '62 and a set of Lollar BF (well, neck and middle) I use the Humbucker with the BF pups.

The Kleins are fantastic, i don't have words to describe it but Big, bold, 60's sounding MF's.

The Lollar has a middle which is not RWRP to my request. I did not like the 4th and 2nd position in any of the clips i heard online. But maybe because the pup is NOT rwrp it those positions sound big in my strat.

Not much to say but Thank You Mr Lollar and Mr Klein for making me happy!

If you guys have the chance to try both sets, please do.
I think the Lollars might be more Guitar dependent, as i said, in my guitar they sound really great.

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