My ultimate Super Bowl fantasy came through...

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    I have an amazing true story to tell about my one Super Bowl experience. It's a little long, but worth it, imo.

    In all my wildest dreams I never would have guessed a thing like this would/could happen to me!

    Way back in the day, when my best friend was still alive, I got a call from him that I still don't believe. (Actually, I'm still in shock over this whole thing, even though it happened years ago.)

    So, anyway, my BF owned a shipping franchise in California, and the home company was in Chicago.

    My buddy calls me... "Cuz, how would you like to go to the Super Bowl? For free?".

    Knowing me like I do, my first response was a question..."Are you kidding?!"

    No, said my friend, not kidding. The owner of the whole company, in Chicago, is great friends with the owner of "da Bears", and he was offered two spare tix to the Super Bowl, did he want them? Why sure, he said. Since Big Boss had to be somewhere else, he offered the tix to his San Francisco franchise (my BF and his partners). They of course said yes. My friend wanted to go, but not the partners, so they tried to decide whom to give the other ticket to. There was surely to be jealousy amongst the rank and file, so they suggested he take me instead. (I'm friends with them as well.)

    That settled the possibility of conflict. So in our conversation, he tells me his company is paying for everything, and all I have to spend money on is airfare and food. Sounds like a deal!

    So, I make arrangements and plan to meet my BF at the airport in Miami. (I'm still not sure which Super Bowl this was, but it had a lot of X's, V's, a few L's, and an M somewhere, probably.) Anyway, it was the one where San Francisco beat Cincinnati with Joe Montana and Vinnie Testaverde* duking it out.)

    But I digress.

    I drove to the airport, no traffic and get the number one parking space in all of the airport. I walked to the ticket counter and was the only one in line. I got my ticket, walked straight through security (pre-9-11), straight to the gate, walked right on to the plane (last one on), door shut, pushed off, 1st in line for take off, I'm there in no time.

    Got off the plane, walked right up to the baggage carousel, and there was my bag that moment. I picked it up, walked out the door as my BF was pulling up to the curb. I opened the door, gave him a hug and we were off to our "free" condo just outside Miami. (The rental car was also paid for.)

    We partied that night and the next day drove to the stadium (called Joe Robbie Stadium at the time) and parked pretty damn close to the venue. As we walked to the gate, several folks begged us to sell them our tickets, but we said no. Then a guy in a suit came up with his son, and offered us $4000 for our two tickets! My BF said "Cuz, we could do a LOT of partying at our condo for $4K! And I said, yeah, but what would we tell our grandchildren?" He agreed and we walked in, only to find that our seats were on the San Francisco side, on the 40 yard line, about 15 rows up. They were amazing seats, especially when I noticed a bunch of celebrities around me.

    In our row, just a couple seats away, was Joe Theisman and his then wife, Cathy Lee Crosby. Right behind him was the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, William Rehnquist. To my left, a couple seats away, was Kevin Costner, in the same jacket he wore on the cover of People Magazines' "Sexiest Man in America" issue.

    I have pictures of all this hoopla, including the celebrities. It was freaking amazing.

    The Super Bowl almost seemed like an afterthought compared to the pomp and circumcision of "The Event" itself. My BF and I figured the net worth of all the people in the stadium was probably greater than the GNP of Panama. Lot's of Wives, Cadillac's and diamonds. Few seemed interested in the game.

    Anyway, wow! It's tough to believe it happened to me. My seats were better than Joe Theisman's and Willam Rehnquist's, dammit! Unbelievable.

    Afterwards, we two agreed we made the right decision to not sell the tickets. What a story to tell. Now all I need is grandchildren.

    Thanks for reading!


    *literal translation: Green Testicles:crazyguy

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