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My version of Breezin (George Benson)


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GBs Breazin’ has been a staple album for me since I was a young boy. When I was 12, my grandfather gave me his 65 Silvertone hollow body and Silvertone twin, and despite it being 1984, and clean tone being defined by solid state, chorus, and all sorts of other ambient effects, I always looked to Breezin’ and Affirmation for my clean tone. I loved classic rock and the more bluesy glam rock, but GB always brought the clean shred I loved.


Hey guys !
here is my version of Breezin by G.Benson.
I used my Ibanez AF55 ( awesome one for a very low cost)
I would be happy to have your feedback :)
Excellent!! I like how you bring more blues into this piece - in addition to the chord soloing and octaves. :)


Excellent phrasing and playing. Your mastery of jazz and blues scales really shines through. I'd love to hear some of your original compositions!

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