My visit to the Goodall Guitar Shop.


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I've own 10 Goodall guitars over the years and I currently have 3. Goodall guitars speak for themselves and you don't need to sell me on their virtues. I personally think they are the best sounding guitars money can buy for under $10k period which is saying a lot. I think they rival the guitars of Kevin Ryan, Petros, McPherson, and Froggy Bottom that I've owned easily. James and Luke build 2 guitars a week up there in Fort Bragg CA right on the ocean. When they were in HI they were building about 8 guitars a week.

Well yesterday I had the great fortune of getting to go up to Fort Bragg CA to visit, James, Jean, and Luke Goodall. I brought my Goodall RCJ and my TBRD with me to have a couple things done. I ended up spending over 2 hours there. I got the full tour which was amazing. They have a very impressive facility there. It was quite large and very clean. They had 6 or 7 Goodall Guitars there that I was able to try which was a joy!! I always end up falling in love with all the Goodall Standards I come in contact with. They had a Palo Escrito Standard there that had been retopped due to damage that I played which was superlative. They also had an Englemann/Walnut Standard that I fell in love with. They had a TRD Baritone in Sitka and Mahogany which was quite special!! They had a few smaller guitars that were very nice like a GC in Italian and Mahogany and a CJ in Sitka and Rosewood.

James took both my guitars and did a full setup on them and got them playing like butter he also buffed them out and removed any minor ding they had. He drop filled a couple of the deeper ones in my cedar top on my CJ. He made them look and shine like new which I didn't expect!! He made them play and sound better as well. He remembered the guitar well and confirmed some info with me on the TBRD, including that it had some of the best Adi and Brazilian that he's had access to over the years. He called the top High Master Grade Adi. He took photos of both of my guitars.

The shop had several rooms for certain purposes. Jean showed me through most of them and explained their purposes. The wood storage room was quite impressive with tons of different killer tone woods. The back room was for cutting and sanding they had some large bins with various scrap pieces of back and top woods. Jean showed me the difference in stiffness on the various top woods, it was very informational to feel the differences. The room where they do the bracing was very interesting as well. They had several of the forms for the various Goodall Shapes which were interesting. She also showed me the differences in bracing for the standard models vs the traditional and nylon models. She also showed me where they cut the shells and how that process worked. Every aspect of their facility was quite impressive. You can see why the finest quality guitars are built there!!!

James, Jean and Luke were all very friendly. Great people who were a true pleasure to spend time with. They were very generous with their time! I'm thankful to own the guitars that I have. If you haven't played a Goodall guitar you owe it to your self for sure. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures while I was there. I was just trying to soak in the whole experience and enjoy my visit.

Here are a few pics of my TBRD to help a bit with the lack of pictures.


Jay K

I met the Goodalls at the last Healdsburg Guitar Festival. Their warmth and friendliness made me feel all that much happier to own a few of their guitars.

My favorite acoustics in my herd are some Ryans, Goodalls, and Petros's, with the Goodalls winning on bang for your buck. In any event it sounds like you had a really great visit with the Goodalls, something i might try to arrange sometime in the future.

Steve Berger

Beautiful dread!

I love Goodall guitars too and currently have a rosewood Grand Concert and a koa Concert Jumbo.

I've spoken to James and Jean many times over the years and they have always been very customer focused and seem like wonderful folks.

When I have the opportunity, I'd love to pay them a visit too as if sounds as if it's a great experience.

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