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My way of getting a Strat and Tele sound options in a 3 pickup guitar


Silver Supporting Member
Move the middle rw/rp from middle to the neck position. So now the neck is rw/rp. Use a Stew-Mac switch Model-E where the middle position gives you the Neck/Bridge pickup combination.

This is what you get
Position 1 - Normal Neck
Position 2 - Neck/Middle hum-cancelling and quacky
Position 3 - Neck/Bridge hum-cancelling, quacky and Tele like
Position 4 - Middle/Bridge - NOT hum-cancelling, don't care for this
Position 5 - Normal Bridge

I like as this gives me the quack in the 2nd position and the Tele goodness in the middle position and the middle position is hum-cancelling.

I am doing an assembly right now where I am using Tele pickups with a non rw/rp middle strat pickup. The Tele neck is rw/rp.

This gives me a few options where I can get Tele and Strat tones out of one guitar. Yeah I know the body shape has a lot to do with tone but I am thinking this scheme is pretty cool to me. Somewhat more versatile.

Unless you really need that Position 4 than you're on your own.


Listens to Johnny Marr, plays like John Denver
Silver Supporting Member
you could make position 4 your position 5 - and then make position 5 a kill switch. slamming between the bridge pickup to silence like a machine gun could be fun!


Silver Supporting Member
The Stewmac switch won't let me do that - I think. I'll have to look into it.
But that is a cool suggestion - thanks.


Silver Supporting Member
I would try a Rio Grande Stelly bridge pickup for a more authentic tele tone than a strat bridge pickup.

I would also wire the second tone control for the bridge only.


ive done this type of mod on strats on the past, now i have one thats wired with a push-pull tone pot that will activate the neck p-up in any position.

1- Neck
2- Neck/mid
3-Mid (or neck/mid)
4- Bridge/mid ( or 3 all)
5- Bridge (or neck/bridge)

i really like the neck/bridge tone, but more and more i like to leave all 3 on with the mid tone rolled down to 2 or 3, its like woman tone with bite

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