Mysterious scratch on guitar. Seething with rage. Anyone else relate?


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That seems suspicious. Any scratch remover that works well on poly or lacquer alike will work on much more that guitars alone. I bet its just automotive product rebranded and marked up.
No idea...maybe...but I do know it works. I banged my LP against the wall when I was putting it on a hanger and put a scratch on it - literally within minutes of getting the guitar home. Used the scratch remover and it worked - the scratch is still there but it's much reduced. If you sit there for an hour you can definitely get rid of a scratch completely. If you have the patience that is...
I'm not having a go at you but I don't get this mentality at all. If I see someone with a spotless and ding free guitar I'm more than likely going to assume that, right or wrong, they don't play their instrument much. I like instrument wear.


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I bought a brand new $5500 blond Gibson Legrand years ago. I was ecstatic!!! It gets delivered, I open the box and look it over.. ridiculous flamed and quilted Maple, fine line Spruce top with some bear claw....its absolute perfection. I sit down to strum the first chord........and my crazy Catahoula leopard dog comes flying around the corner and LEAPS up into my lap.....which is holding the new 17" archtop. One GIGANTIC claw mark all the way down the brand new Spruce top. Good thing I loved that dog more than anything on earth, as the next day, the same thing happened for gouge #2.
Simply unbelievable.

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The Pup

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I had this one for awhile (it was a dog of a different type) :

photo1.jpg photo2.jpg
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