N.A.D. - Bludotone Osiris

At long last it has arrived. I work primarily in the video games and tv/film trailer space and have been looking for Osiris all my life (even if I didn't know it).

This amp has ridiculous amounts of gain on tap and it is controlled through both a gain and drive control as well as with the master volume. 100 watts and tons of tonal shaping options. I'd say the distortion has a similar tonal quality to a Marshall Superlead but the frequency range extends way lower to give that low end that comes from a Dual Rectifier.

At first I thought the tight/loose switch would make for a flubby bottom end in the loose position but it doesn't. It just adds more "ass" to the bottom and is perfect for holding longer chords while still having killer definition. The voicing in the tight mode allows for faster transients and picking without being shrill.

The spread control is sort of like a resonance in that it helps tune the amount of bottom end to the cab. Right now I'm using 3 different cabs with it. A Marshall basketweave with V30's and Heritage H30's. A Mills Afterburner with Eminence Texas Heats and Swamp Thangs, and a Mojave 2x12 with JBL Toranado's. The last one is via Brandon's recommendation of speaker and I have to say it's an incredible match. Great clarity and super tight.

I'm just recording it now for a film trailer so I'll have an update soon. In the meantime here's a shot of it on my amp rack. Crap picture, amazing amp.



david torn / splattercell
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def interested to hear this!
tube complement is?

Joe Perry

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Congrats!!! Brandon builds a heck of an amp. My Drifter is amazing. He delivers in both tone and professionalism.

Pete Faragher

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Congrats !!!!
I heard rumours of this amp.
Subscribing to this thread in hopes of hearing some clips !!!!


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All the Bludotone amps look great. I am saving up to place a deposit for one right now. Just about there...


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Can this sound vintage to hotrod Marshallish at lower gain settings? Does this amp go beyond that into Alice In Chains or Dual Recto type gain?

[EDIT] - I found two clips on youtube. 1 very modern metal sounding, the other was light gain through a Tele ... so I guess it covers a wide range.

Still interested if it can cop a hotrod Marshall tone.....
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Hi all, the speakers are indeed Jensen Jet Tornado's, I just love them, and they're 4 lbs!

Brandon, do you like these speakers with D style amps?

Congratulations on your new designs. I'm excited to hear em.

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