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N.A.D, Dc30


Silver Supporting Member
Finally picked this up today from a forum member. I have logged in an hour so far.
Here are my first impressions.

I love it! The tone clean or dirty is absolutely magical. I haven't spent much time on the ax7 side yet but the click channel is even better than I hoped it would be.

Way more gain on tap than I expected. Warm fuzzy tones to fully distorted lead tones a plenty.

She is heavy but not as bad as the badcat 212 combos. A little more manageable size wise.

I am going to play this thing all night and I will make some clips and a more detailed review this weekend. The narrowfiwlds in that swamp ash absolutely sing through this amp.

Here is a quick pic.



Gold Supporting Member
Congrats on the NAD! I'm a little green with envy as I've been jonesin' to try a C-30 amp of some sort.

Best of luck!


Silver Supporting Member
Thanks guys. I have had the black cat and wild cat. Both great amps that I highly recommend. I have to say that for my style I like the dc better. The biggest difference is that the badcats are a lot more refined sounding. Very tight and more compressed. The Matchless to me is a bit looser, more raw sounding, and has more gain available. Harmonics just seem to jump out of everywhere. I have a very busy right hand. Scratchy, rythmic and purcusive. I get all kinds of "accidental harmonics". I spent hours playing last night. The amps sounds are the most inspiring I have ever played.
Looking forward to making a demo this weekend.

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