I didn't see this coming. I spent an hour going back and forth between the EC Fender Champ, Victoria Champ and Atomic 5 watt. The Atomic crapped out too early. No headroom after 9:00. The Victoria sounded very huge and full. It was a much bigger cabinet housing the 8 inch speaker. The sound was so big it was redundant with my Blues Jr. The EC had the mojo. A little boxier, but sweet tone at bedroom levels.

Still, a thousand bucks is a lot of cash. So on the way out I'm looking at this Silverface Vibro Champ in mint condish for $450. I plug in the Strat and get blown away on the spot. Clean headroom all the way to 3:00. The only mod I can see is the Weber. I strongly suspect the owner changed it to Blackface spec. I will have it looked at by my amp guy to confirm.

Anyways, I bot it. I've never enjoyed crankin' it up in my living room so much in my whole life.


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