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N(ear Miss)GD - Am I being unreasonable?

Should I go back and try to haggle?

  • Not for a repaired headstock.

    Votes: 14 17.9%
  • Yeah, go for it. Try to get the one you've actually played.

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Dude, just find another SG.

    Votes: 62 79.5%

  • Total voters


Silver Supporting Member
First some background: I had a free afternoon at work today, so I decided to go check out a couple of local shops over my lunch break. At my local GC, they had a cherry finish 2018 SG Standard hanging on the used wall as a "Scratch and Dent" sale for $999. I took it down because I miss the SG I used to have, and I've been thinking about getting another since I don't have a guitar with full-size humbuckers right now.

Lo and behold, it had a repaired headstock hence the "scratch and dent" designation. Otherwise it looked good, and the repair seemed solid. I liked the way it played, so I checked the Used selection on the GC app just to see what the going rate on a '18 Standard was there. I found several priced at $999 also, and one as low as $799 in "good" condition. I took it over to the counter to see if they would move on the price. The sales guy recommended I buy a new one (of course) but said he would check with the manager. I told him I would walk out of there with it for $600, but I was prepared in my head to go up to $750 if I had to haggle. He finally tracks down the manager and comes back that best they will do is $920. I walked out without the guitar, but I am still thinking about it.

Is my price expectation out of line here? The new price on these is $1299 right now, and as I said GC has them priced used for the same price as this one presumably without a headstock repair. Part of me thinks I should try to go back when the store is less busy and try to make my case again since I've actually played this guitar and know what I'd be getting. Or I could wait and see how far the 2018 prices go down after the holidays and get a new one then. What does the TGP hive mind think?


Silver Supporting Member
No way. You can pick up used SG Standards in great shape on CL from $600 - $800 fairly frequently. Maybe not a 2018, but unless there’s warranty that is immaterial.

$600 tops. You will still be lucky to get your money back when you sell.


Silver Supporting Member
Headstock repair = hard pass.

If you really want an SG, buy and have one of the one's they have listed Used at GC. Call the listing store, have one of the crew look it over and describe in detail and if good buy it and have shipped over to your store. You already know the specs, when it arrives check it over personally and if it's good you're all set.

Not that I would do this, but if you buy you have 45 days to change your mind so if they go on sale you could take this one back and get a new one.

Good luck!


GC doesn’t have much wiggle room for haggling. Between corporate salaries and overhead, and the tight margins on retail musician instruments, what you see on the price tag is what you get. I’ve bought several things used from GC and where the prices aren’t fantastic, they’re usually fair.

Personally I’d go with used over a repaired headstock for the same price, but a clean repaired break is not an issue. A luthier friend of mine says a Gibson without a headstock break hasn’t been gigged enough.


Headstock break would be a deal breaker for me. If nothing else, you will take a beating if you ever go to to sell it. Too many good ones out there that don't have that.


Silver Supporting Member
You can find a used SG Standard in excellent condition (no breaks) for $900 or cheaper. No way would I pay that much for one with a broken headstock.

I’m fairly certain they won’t haggle down to $600 - so just continue looking and find a better one. Like the one that @PixMix posted.


Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. You were right to walk, OP. Busted and/or cracked headstocks are damaged goods. And damaged goods is damaged goods. That means the price freefalls to earth from the edge of space if it's a new current year model. If a new car dealership somehow totals a new car on their lot, they don't sell it unless they get it repaired back to 100% by the automaker, or they send it somewhere for salvage to get scrap value and write off the rest. Plain & simple. They wouldn't sell it to you because they know they would have to let it go for pennies on the dollar and they'd get skinned alive on it. Same deal here. As far as I'm concerned, the $600-$750 you were prepared to pay and the true real value of that snapped headstock SG were not even in the same galaxy. If GC wants full retail for that broken guitar, and not the damaged goods value, then walk away from that all day. Laughable.

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