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    Sep 30, 2008
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    Just wanted to share with my fellow gear fiends. 67 bassman, cab I whipped up with a jensen p15q and eminence drri 12. I know the 12 is a dog but it will do until I get something better in there. The p15Q sounds incredible. I know it's way overpowered by the bassman but I'm a bedroom warrior these days.

    57 magnatone triplex I just recently got back in shape. Old old jbl d130 15" that sounds incredible. I know people talk about the harsh high end spike with the aluminium dust cap but this one does not have that problem. Again it is a very old d130 not f square edge jbl. I guess they were hifi speakers originally. It is of the same Era though so I'm wondering how long it's been in this amp? It has the same patina level. Anyone know if jbl's were ever offered in magnatone amps?


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