N(u)GD: Yamaha RGX 420S - how many of you buy project guitars to mod?

New (used) Guitar Day: I just picked up a used Yamaha RGX 420S non-baritone yesterday. I haven't owned an alder body guitar before, figured this super strat couldn't hurt to have as a project guitar for $229 + tax. It has very little fret wear and the neck is in excellent condition (no scratches, dings), good amount of resonance, thin neck that plays comfortably, and has Yamaha's height adjustable locking nut which I really like. The Floyd trem seems to stay in tune well. The pickups are stock and sound mediocre, ice picky on the high end, which is fine since I will be swapping them out: which pickups I'm not sure yet, so many choices (I was thinking of Suhr SSV).

How many of you have picked up guitars to experiment with or mod, just for the heck of it?

Not my photo, close enough though:



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I've got a $60 eBay score on the way that's going to be my guinea pig for neck scalloping, finish removal, and whatever other gruesome things I come up with... I figure it's worth the expense to use it as a learning thing for modding and fixing stuff. And if it all turns out bad then I can just go all rock n' roll and smash the thing in my parking garage, no tears shed :)

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