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NA&CD Marshall 2555x...woot


Silver Supporting Member
Been curious about these since the reissues came out...didn't jump on them when they were blowing them out, but still got a fair price me thinks. Was a little unsure til I kinda figured out how to set the volume...I ran the master on 10, and use lead channel volume to adjust...set the input gain about 1/3 up....anywho...very poor wanking video, but none the less just sharing....if you have one, feel free to share your thoughts good or bad...

ducker 1

sounds good
I recommended this amp to a friend -he bought one and is very happy--I would have bought one too but I had previously bought a Rivera that Ive wanted for about 20 years


Cool rig. sounds good

I'd run the other way, bring the master down some and the pre amp volume up a bit more, but thats just me.
A tad of verb would sound great

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