NAANGD – New amp and new guitar day


Due to a divorce and the usual financial set-backs that it can entail (read: total gear sell-off, save for a HD-28v and a handful of pedals), this day has been a long time coming, so I thought it best to combine the two, and what better way than Fender x 2!

I’m now the proud owner of a 2014 Oly White American Standard Strat (equipped w/fat 50’s pups) & a Custom 68 Vibrolux Reverb.

I spent about an hour and a half this morning demoing a handful of Strats. The two that stood out were this one and a used CS Strat. Whilst being a very nice sounding guitar, that particular guitar had a rather chunky neck, which I thought I’d be into, however it appears I’m only keen on a bit of chunk when it’s on a Tele.

The American Standard felt more comfortable to play due to the neck size, whilst having that all important resonance and sustain (acoustically and when electrified). Chords rang out sweetly and single notes were clearly defined. I've previously owned a 2004 AM Deluxe Strat that I don't remember being as lively, so I'm really happy with this aspect.

I put it through its paces into a Custom 68 Deluxe Reverb, Supro Thunderbolt, 74 Super Reverb (w/MV) and the Custom 68 Vibrolux Reverb at decent volume.

All of the amps I tried were worthy buys, however I felt that the Custom 68 Vibrolux Reverb was best suited to me sound and wattage wise.

I’m yet to test it in a gig/studio situation, but as you can imagine, that Fender clean and grit is there in adequate measures.

Next phase - building up a PT-3 with pedals that I’ll be acquiring over the next few months.

Gratuitous gear shots below (digging the turquoise and the rectangle case too)




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Very nice. Congrats . As someone who went thru a divorce myself ,I know how you feel. Enjoy every note that you play. Great combo.


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I went thru a divorce 10 years ago and went on a spending spree 2 years later. I now have 17 guitars and 6 amps. Not to mention 40 plus pedals! Careful!! Just saying! Lol!
Congrats on the new amo and guitar!


When you've had a bit of time with the Vibrolux, i'd be interested to hear how you're liking it. The Amp forum has quite a bit about the 68 Custom Deluxe, but there isn't a whole lot on the 68 Vibrolux.


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Congrats on your new gear. That setup is awesome and cherry picking out the guitar is always the best way to do it if possible. Enjoy!

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