NAD Bugera 333-2x12 $279.00+ free shipping

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by otter5555, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Sep 7, 2011
    I know only a handful of members are at all interested in Bugera amps but here we go.

    had this one for a few days to get used to it. used my 70's les paul with paf's.

    some say this is simply a full 3 channel 6262-212. No, it's not. They are similar but voiced differently.

    this is an honest 3 channel amp with less mids overall.

    the clean--as advertised, will not get dirty. perfect platform for your fav od pedals. the clean is full bodied with basically 120 watts of clean headroom. it's not fender clean but it's a good solid clean, not a compromise clean.

    while we're here, the reverb sounds nice on all channels.

    the crunch--it's a crunching machine. overall, all channels have less mids than the 6262-212 but you can dial in the 333 to do what the 6262 does with all knobs at noon.

    speaking of knobs---the knobs on the 6262 feel good and solid. the knobs on the 333 feel a little cheap and flimsy. i will never move this amp from my studio so i have no fears about durability FOR MY USE. if i was gigging this amp, i'd be careful.

    the 6262 cab is solid in every way. the 333 cab is a bit less solid but still worlds more solid than my new Fender ss22.

    the lead- it can be as thick or thin as you like. the eq is very powerful. more gain than most will ever need.

    the foot switch is solid and works perfectly.

    the factory tubes are just fine with no issues. wish the tubes in my new ss22 sounded as good.

    the oem speakers sound just fine as the 6262 speakers do. even new.

    the fit and finish are just fine. the 333 has different tolex than the 6262. the 333 tolex reminds me of the older peavey stuff. perfectly servicable.

    as i did the 6262, i will play the 333 HARD, every day as i practice my set and will report back in a month or so. i play 2-4-6 hrs a day so hours will pile up quickly on this amp.

    fx loop-works as it should and has adjustable volumes.

    it plays well at bedroom levels. each channel has volume and the amp has master volume.

    i have no problem getting any tone i use. clean , crunch and saturated leads.

    and yep, it's a heavy sucker like it's brother :)

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