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NAD: Bugera V22

Keef Wichards

I just got this amp yesterday, used from a pawn shop. I actually ordered it off eBay, but it was for local pickup so I had to go retrieve it.
It's a Bugera V22, vintage style, 22 watts. It's all tube and I love it so far. No major problems except it smells of cigarettes a little bit. The first time I fired her up, there was a little bit of noise and popping when I turned some of the knobs. Since then, that has gone away.
Sounds great, the drive channel works fine for me, it's a little aggressive but if i keep it at around 3 I get those crunchy blues tones I like. The clean channel sounds awesome too, no complaints there.
This is a 2009 model, so I hope there won't be any major problems down the road, although if there are, I won't care too much considering what I paid for it.
These normally go for 380-400 new and around 250-350 used. It was listed for 150 or 160 on eBay (can't remember which) and I offered $125 and got it. So basically, for only $25 more than my digital 15 watt spider 4, I got an all tube 22 watt machine. I am very pleased.

Here's a picture, sorry it's not very good.


Fantastic price. Great little amps with an articulate, warm clean channel. Reverb is actually very usable.

If you don't know how old the power tubes are, replace them. The stock tubes were no names or Ruby's (some may say Bugera). I would also replace the preamp tubes if they are original, may not be required but I didn't care for them.

The stock speaker is paired well with the amp and sounds fine. I have a WGS Reaper in mine right now, wasn't a huge change over the stock speaker.
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Yeah that's a great deal! I bought mine off of eBay for $250 shipped with new JJ tubes. Enjoy! Its one of the better amps under $300

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