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Got this one from mhenson42 (thanks, Matt!) :D

Running SED =C= in the power section and Chinese preamps through my Bogner 4x12 with G12-65s. I also tried it out through a Mills 4x12 with V30s and a Marshall 4x12 with G12C-25s (whatever those are). So far, I don't know what to make of it. It's a smooth, dark amp. Lots of low-end. Mids are present but the emphasis is down lower in the mid-range than I would have thought. It's closer to a Bogner than a Marshall. My Chupacabra is more aggressive and mean and has more of a growl/snarl. The CCV is very smooth and "round" almost like my Diezel, in low-end.

Cleans are actually really nice. More glassy compared to my Diezel and has some nice upper-mid bite at the same time. Channel 1 is almost like a dedicated JMP. Dime the gain and flip the Jose switch and it's like a boosted Super Lead. Flip the bright switch and back off the gain a bit and you got some AC/DC type stuff.

I still haven't figured out Channel 2. There are a lot of tonal variations here with the three switches and two gains. I don't play 80's metal or anything. 90's hard rock and prog rock are my thing, maybe a little modern metal thrown in. It's an interesting amp.

I wish the amp were more snarly and mean, though. More aggressive. It's tame compared to my Chupacabra. Maybe the CCM would be more up my alley. But I guess those aren't in production. Oh well. I need to play with the amp more. And maybe I need to find a 4x12 with G12H-30 speakers. Because the 65s are great with my other amps, but not so much with the CCV. Maybe then the amp will growl more. Or at least some Greenbacks. But this amp is loud as ****.

In any event, it's a cool amp and I'm gonna keep it for a while. :)





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Hey thanks for this honest review of the amp. I was curious as to the voicing, and whether or not it was in the Marshall camp or the Bogner camp. thanks again.

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