NAD!!!!! Ceriatone Chupacabra 50w


Hey guys, I'm ****in' stoked, the Ceriatone Chupacabra arrived today!!!!

This amp is a big ****in' deal for me, as I've been wanting a super lead/plexi for years now, & it's finally become a reality....

So far, I'm pretty happy with it...Haven't even scratched the surface of what tones it's capable of, & it's got a crazy amount of gain, but so far, it rocks...

The guy I bought it from did a great job packing this thing, check out the packing job he did:

He even put a couple pieces of thin plywood in the top & bottom of the box to keep the amp secure & safe:

I have to hand it to the guy, he did a great job on the packing, & has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, if all the used gear deals were like this, there wouldn't be any trouble for anyone...He's e-mailed me all week long keeping in touch with me trying to make sure I'm happy on my end with the deal, & told me to be sure to let him know when it arrived, & if there are any issues with the amp...Great guy....BTW, I bought this amp in the Marshall forum's classifieds....His username in the Marshall forum is Bloodrock....I wouldn't think twice about buying something else from this guy, at all...

I didn't plug it into my 4x12, as I'd probably get the cops knocking on my door, & just don't want the hassle, but I'll do that tomorrow for sure...

I'm still learning what switch does what, & getting a feel for the amp, but it's definitely got all kinds of different tones just waiting to be found...

So, for about an hour of ****ing around with it, I'm pretty happy guys....

Here's some pics:

The Marshall logo is actually gold plated, but doesn't show very well in these pics...

And, here's a short, ****** clip:

Chupacabra clip #1

Signal chain:

LP > Chupa > ISO Cab Greenback > '57

Amp settings:

Resonance: 5
Presence: 8
Bass: 5
Mid: 5
Treble: 5
Master: 2.5
Gain 2: 8
Gain 1: 8
Era switch: centered ("regular" plexi)
Bright 2: left
Bright 1: left

So, I've finally got my hot-rodded super lead I've been wanting all this time...Hard to believe (for myself anyway) I've gotten all this new gear this year, as if I hadn't gotten out of the situation I was in, I'd never have anything, literally....

And, this will be the last "big" thing I buy for a while, I've went completely ape-**** buying up gear this summer, so I'm gonna buckle down & make do with what I've got, gear-wise for awhile, other than something "small" like a new/different mic or something...

Life is good for a change over here guys.....:banana


After spending a week with this amp, I have to say, I'm impressed as hell....I don't know how it compares with the real amp it's cloned from, but again, I'm impressed....

Seems built very well, & sounds great....I use it most of the time with an ISO cab (noise), but when I do get to run it through my 4x12, it's awesome (to me anyway)...Controlled feedback at low volume, just rich, full tone....Pretty loud too, but I expected it to be (I also own a DSL100, but there's not much difference volume-wise between the two amps...)...

I'd been wanting a super lead for years now, & this one is hot-rodded with extra gain (more than I'd ever need), an fx loop, & master volume, so it's just a great amp for me....

Here's some gutshots & short, ****** clips:

Bias pots:

AC-DC attempt


Chupa > 4x12 (T-75's) > C1 condensor


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Good to hear this. I ordered a Yeti back in August and I am still waiting for it! Im starting to get worried that the wait and the anticipation of the amp is going to kill the amp for me when it finally does arrive!


Thanks guys,
Comparing the Chupacabra to the DSL100 to me is like apples to oranges. They're pretty different sounding amps IMHO....They both have their own version of the "Marshall" thing going on...


Clean: Very clean until you wind the gain up, & then it breaks up a little, especially with hard playing/picking...

Crunch: This is the closest channel/mode to a plexi/super lead the DSL100 has...It can get a little flubby in the low end, but using the eq can dial most of it out...The more you open the amp up volume-wise, the better this mode sounds....Boost with an SD-1, & it's pretty close to the 80's hair metal thing...

OD1: My favorite channel/mode on the DSL100...Pretty bright, but I think it was intended to be used as a solo channel while gigging (IMO anyway)...More gain than you'd ever need, & sounds even better when you turn the amp up...Lower gain & higher volume make this channel/mode sound great IMO...

OD2: Slightly different voicing (not much though) than OD1, with even more gain....

The only drawback I've found with the DSL100 is the shared eq. Get the green channel dialed in, & the red channel is overly bright. Not a big deal for me as I don't gig (I only record....for now...), but would probably have to use an eq in the loop to even the channels out if one were to use this amp to gig with...

IMHO, the DSL100 is a really good amp, lots of headroom, & it's got the distinctive Marshall growl....

Chupacabra 50w:

Love the sounds I'm getting from this thing. It's more of a vintage sounding amp compared to the DSL100, especially in the 60's/"regular" plexi mode..It's got the "kerrang" & "bonk" a super lead/plexi has, that I've been after forever it seems...

60's/"regular" plexi mode: Very loud, very articulate, but also very "fat" & warm sounding all at the same time...This would be the mode to use for gigging IMO, & would be a great pedal platform (dirt pedals for different "flavors) for some different tones playing live....This mode does get a little flubby with the gains cranked, but opening the amp up with volume & dialing the gain knobs back a little makes it sound pretty damn close to the real thing IMHO....

80's mode: My favorite mode on the amp by far. Hot-rodded Marshall tones, with the plexi/super lead kerrang in spades...Using the bright switches can add even more gain if wanted, but can also make it harsh sounding (the bright switches add some high end & gain, depending on the setting), but can be dialed out with the eq...Of course, it gets mushy/un-defined with the gain knobs cranked, but dialing it in you can get some really good tones out of this amp....And of course, when you open the amp up volume-wise, it's just awesome....

Modern mode: About the same as 80's mode, but even more gain, so you'd have to dial the gain knobs way back (IMO) & adjust the eq accordingly...Same thing with the bright switches as the 80's mode...

Both of these amps have their own thing going on, & I like both of them a lot. If I had to pick one over the other, the Chupacabra would win, hands down. It's just got "that" sound I personally have been after for a very long time. The DSL100 is a really good amp, & has a lot of different tones too, but again, the Chupacabra has the super lead/plexi thing that the DSL100 doesn't...Maybe I just need to dial the DSL100 in more to get it closer,but there's really no dialing the Chupacabra in, I just plug into it, & "that" tone is there....

Sorry to be so long-winded, but wanted to give you guys an honest, thought-out review comparing both these amps....

I'd recommend either amp if you're after Marshall tones, but again, if I had to pick one over the other, the Chupacabra would be the one I kept...


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Nice write-up. Sounds like the Chupa is a winner. The build quality is certainly better.


Happy NAD
Had my Yeti for a couple of years now, and yes, ripper amp.
My favorite mode also, is 80s and I run it like this(with a std strat with a JB full sized HB in the bridge)
Res.....2 sounds punchier with res up but looses that Marshalliness
Gain2....1.5 just where it kicks in...find the amp to smooth with gain 2 up to high
Bright1....middle....not a fan of both brights engaged...but any combination sounds great as long as one is neutral..
80s90s hard rock/metal heaven


Bright 2 to the left will give a fuller sound thats great for solos but I lower the bass and up the pres abit.


Cool man, I'll try your settings in a little while....

And yes, to me, the Chupa is a killer amp, I love it!!!

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