NAD Dr.Z Maz8 2x10!


Hey guys, long long time, no post.

Just got a sweet little amp (yesterday, but today was the first time i could test it)

Dr.Z Maz8 2x10

Wow, it sounds AWESOME! I added the Brakelite in the combo cab to give me a few more options in case i want to play with this somewhere (it is LOUD for 8 watts!) The cleans are great, very touch sensitive and when i crank it up it roars! Especially like the cut control since i find most tube amps to be a little too bright... I prefer meaty midrange tones.

Overall, this one is definitely a keeper. I was surprised, usually the 10" speakers have too much top end too, but I guess the cut control is doing it's job! :D

Got it to be quieter than my current Weber Princeton clone or Hughes and kettner Tubemeister 36, but it still got plenty of juice.


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