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NAD: EVH 5150 iii 50w

Echo Charlie

Wowza. My first tube amp. She screams! I can't believe the clarity, note for note, string by string, fret by fret. Wow.

I've only ever had solid state amps, built-in effects, yadda yadda. Never had a tube amp before. I've never even played through one.

I've wanted an EVH 5150 iii for a few years, and a few months ago I was poking around a guitar shop and saw an EVH 2x12 speaker cab for sale on consignment. Tag said $349, but they took $300.

Finally got around to ordering the 50 watt head to go with it. I'm speechless. I can't even....

Anyway, the speaker cab was missing the piggyback thumb screws when I bought it, so I knew I'd have to order those (~$15), no biggie.

I assumed the piggyback clip set would come with the head, but they don't. So I'll have to get those too if I want to tilt the head and cab back (the clips must originally come with the speaker cab?)

Thing is the clip set is a little pricey ($35-$45?). Oh well. I'm too pumped right now to care about anything other then how this thing sounds. Hooked up my MXR Reverb and floated through the clouds for a while. I said ********!!!!
Great Amp!!

I sold off my 50w earlier this year soley to fund a couple more spendy purchases but I already miss it. Will probably pick another up at some point or another. Great value and a good feature set. Love the midi functionality too.



I love mine as well, I also have the LBX... kinda like its little brother, same concept but different flavor....put a little reverb in the loop....


Gold Supporting Member
Killer amp. Holds its own easily with much more expensive amps and, in many folks opinions, is better than the 100 watt and even better than the 100 watt Stealth. (Or close enough to not both with spending the money) I have a 50 watt 1X12 combo and it is awesome.


Gold Supporting Member
Great amp, for my style I really wish it was two channels being the green (clean) and blue (rock). The red channel has an absurd amount of gain and I could not gel with it (for my playing style).


Silver Supporting Member
I have the 112 combo also and love it.
Every once in a while GAS hits and I think about selling it to fund something different.

Then I plug into it and the GAS disappears.

Congrats and enjoy.

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