NAD: Gibson Crestline GA100 Tuck-Away


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Posted a short thing about this in a thread over on the Pedals section but thought I'd throw it here as well.

So, story goes like this: My wife's grandpa Mel passed away on Christmas day at age 84 after a long battle with cancer. He was one of those singular type men that are hard to put in a box. He raced Gokarts, Stock cars, and Sprint Cars. Was a pilot, firefighter, mechanic, hot rod builder, Cushman scooter collector, and generally amazing at anything he did. At age 11, he picked up the accordion and was quickly picked up on a tour by age 13, traveling around the country playing shows and fairs. He travelled with the USO during the Korean War and continued his playing career till he was about 75. Over the years he collected an enormous amount of accordions, concertinas, and other free-reed squeeze boxes. Knowing the end was near, he asked me, the only other musician in the family, to catalog and sell off his accordion collection after he gone.

On New Year's Day we had the funeral and being that we live quite a ways away, Grandma wanted to get a jump on things and had me bring my van up, sans back seats, to start moving his collection out of the house to our place so I could start this project. While cleaning out the room, grabbing case after case after case, Grandma said, "Hey Matt, I think this is a guitar amp. You want it?" She had opened this door to this closet, which I had never seen it in the ten years I've been apart of their family, and there sits this cabinet in a heavy vinyl cover (Grandma did all the upholstery work at their shop and had some pretty ballsy equipment). I pulled it out and pulled the cover and saw what I suspected was just the extension cabinet, sans the head. I asked her if she knew where the amp that goes with it was and she said "Oh, its just back here in the back. Just flip those lever thingys and that panel comes down." Much to my surprise, there it is. Strange and beautiful. She saw the look on my face and said "It's yours. We haven't used it since 1970 or so. May not even work, but you should have it."

Fast forward to later that night, I got home and unloaded the van and I just had to see if it would indeed fire up. I was home alone as my wife and kids had decided to come home a couple days later and so, 12:30 at night I set her up and turned it standby. Sure enough, I got lights. Switch it to on and I've got sound. Oh, do I have a sound. It's about 35 watts through 2x7591 tubes. 2 6ue7's run as preamp and PI tubes. Super simple with just Vol. Bass, and Treble knobs. Stays clean till the last 1/4 of the Vol. knob. Big, round, beautiful tone through the 1x15 cab. I ran downstairs and grabbed my nano board with a Boss Combo Drive, Tone Junkies Stutter Step Delay and Tone Junkies Reverb. I then lost all sense of space and time and just had a blast. I looked up at the clock after what seemed like 10 minutes and it was 1:45am.

I've really enjoyed this unexpected surprise so far. It's not a complex beast and really just does one thing, but man it really does that one thing really well. It's also dead quiet, which is crazy in our old house with old wiring. Anyway, I'm really excited about this amp and thought I should share. Thanks for reading.



And now for something completely different!
Sorry for your loss, my dad passed from cancer a while back. But what a cool tale and congrats on your new amp!

PS My dad wasn't musically inclined, but I did get one of his kilts that I cherish!

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