NAD: Goodsell 33 Pro 115 (C15N)


Disclaimer: I count Richard as a friend, I help him deal w/ the www. We go for Korean Tacos most every week. I've owned a lot of Goodsells and I have a bias.

I need an amp for decent sized clubs and the 33 115 has been on my mind since I played the first unit a couple months ago, my slot came up, the stars were right and I picked this beauty up last Saturday. It's a Goodsell 33 MkIV Pro 115 w/ a Jensen C15N. We tried a couple speakers and the Jensen was perfect, it's also the stock speaker for the Pro 115. The rest of the specs are standard MkIV 33 specs w/ tube driven reverb and tremolo, 4xEL84s, tube rectifier, half power switch, etc.

I done a gig and a rehearsal and can't wait for the next chance to play the 33. Wasn't sure about the 15, but the C15N is a great guitar speaker. Sounds big but still articulate, excellent room coverage, lovely warm overdrive,.. And I'm a fan of the tweed style, floating baffle cabinets, the 15 really moves this cab, very organic (sorry, only word that I could think of).

If you've played a Goodsell 33 MkIV, you know the deal. The 15 in a tweed style cab puts a whole new spin on the amp. It's the perfect club/stage amp, I don't want to gush, but it's the best med output (33watts) amp I've played.

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Never met Richard, but he was very friendly in email and on the phone, and my Super Seventeen Mark Four combo absolutely rocks! Congrats on a great amp...which I'm convinced is the only kind he builds :).



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That's a nice looking amp. I have an MkII-17 2/10 in green that RG sold me 7 years ago. I haven't been using it much, because I'm in a band that goes direct, but Mon. St. Pats Day I'm playing off the stage, and it'll be a great reason to take out my green MkII .

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