Since my orginal thread(Almost NAD) got kinda buried, I figured I'd re-post.

Finally got to spend some time with this fire-breathing beast.

Pros: Great practice amp! Probably can hang with a drummer. I found that all the controls are very usable. I was able to coax a variety of different timbres quite easily. It's fairly light weight, lighter than the Black Heart Little Giant I previously owned. Enough Gain on tap for those who are into that type of thing. Black on white knob/control panel configuration good for us older guys that can't see without reading glasses(not a cool look for me LOL). I like the ISF more than I thought I would. There is a nice difference throughout the sweep of the knob.

Cons: Cleans are ok. Obviously not much headroom in a 5w amp. FOR ME almost too much gain. I find it hard to obtain a real good classic rock sound. It's WHITE LOL I can see that being an issue down the line. I'm not crazy about the orientation of the back panel with all the ins\outs 1x12\4x12 emulation button. They are all facing the floor not very easy access.

I'm reserving certain critiques because the a)speaker probably needs time to break in b) from what I've read it could benefit from a tube swap c) I haven't used the emulated line out yet...I think this is where this little beast probably will shine.

Not sure if its a keeper or not yet. In my heart I believe its more for the metal player. Anyone with similar experience and what was your end result?


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