NAD (Nad Cat Black Cat 30R and 2x12 cab)


So based on this thread:
and suggestions made by you I decided to go with Black Cat 30. I tried 2014 model which unfortunataly was not for sale and decided to order 2015 model with new K-master volume. I ordered mine with the reverb and 2x12 cab.

When I plugged first notes I was blown away first by the clean sounds. I tested that 2014 model with some really hot pickups which were not ideal for playing clean and got maybe wrong idea of the cleans in the amp.. Then again K-master volume can do some magic for the clean tones. Cleans sound really nice and have a little bit more percussive attack than my previous amps. This is really nice feature, because I sometimes play some rhytmic delay stuff.

Soon I moved to the second channel and thought that I could like it more with tone circuit (because of Matchless nighthawk is amazing), but I found out that Bass and treble side of the second channel was better and maybe bit gainier. Tones in this channel are amazing and only thing I would like to have would be a little more gain, but I think Hot Cat would have been too much Although gain in Black Cat covers 99% of my playing time. I also tried some OD's and Boosters with different guitars and found out that Black cat takes pedals well and with my OD's and booster I could get all I need in this. I also played some ambient stuff with harmony-, delay- and reverb pedal and some amp reverb on top of that. This was really amazing sounding setup. All this was in my flat with quite reasonable volumes with new K-master. This sunday I'm going to try it out with band volumes which may provide more gain because I'm able to open up K-master and boil those power tubes a little more

Overall amp was really nice and fitted my needs.


Awesome! I'm really interested in the Cub iii 30 Reverb. It's nice to hear that you can run your Black Cat at apartment volume with the K master and still have it sound good. I love the idea of that flexibility.

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Glad you like it! I love my Black Cat (2014 model). Would be interested to experience the tonal differences using the K Master :D

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