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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by ThePitbullofLove, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Feb 1, 2011
    This summer I picked up a Marshall 1960A Lead cabinet off Craigslist for $50. I had a friend that lived in the city where the item was listed pick it up for me as he was coming over to jam. It was listed as in "fair" condition with one of the four Celestion GT75-12 speakers blown.

    The picture attached to the ad was a bit deceiving when it came to condition. When it got here it has zero Tolex left on, and as the previous owner had removed all of the screws from the back plate, the wiring harness was ripped and the jack plate damaged when the back fell off removing it from my friend's truck. To make matters worse, I pulled the speakers from the cabinet and set them aside. A member of my girlfriend's band dropped something on one of the good speakers and pierced the cone. So now I had a crappy looking cabinet with chipped plastic handles, no casters, no Tolex, and 2 speakers in need of replacement to refurbish.

    I set the project aside for awhile until I noticed another cabinet on Craigslist for $30. It was an Ampeg V412TV. It was unloaded, missing the Ampeg logo, but on the bright side it was plywood, had all its casters, the Tolex and grill cloth were decent, and it was cheap.

    I sent the guy a message and said I'd take it, thinking I'd pop the two good Celestions from the Marshall into it and use it as a 2 x 12 until I picked up two more speakers. To my surprise, the seller sent me a message back asking if I had use for two Celestion GT75-T speakers that had originally came with the cabinet. He had received the cabinet with an Ampeg VL1002 Lee Jackson that he had recently bought and turned into a 2 x 12 combo. As I already had 2 of the same speakers waiting to put in the cabinet, I told him I'd love to have them. He sold them to me for $20 each and dropped the package price down to $65.

    I picked it up yesterday, installed and wired the speakers, and put it together with my Crate Lee Jackson Stealth.

    I'm impressed with both the construction & sound of this cabinet so far. It's got great bottom end to it, and as the cabinet was designed by Lee Jackson for his Ampeg tube amp, it sounds great with the Stealth, especially for 80's rock.

    Best of all, I've got $115 in the cabinet! Heck, I sat the cabinet on top of the Randall 4 x 12 Celestion loaded cabinet I got with the Stealth ($200 for the Stealth head & Randall cabinet...also off Craigslist), and I've only got $315 in the whole stack! Sometimes you have to love Craigslist!


    Anyone have experience with these cabinets? I've seen good reviews & bad, though the bad seem to be tied to later pressboard cabinets, and this one is plywood (and heavy!).

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